I had totally forgotten about Shrove Tuesday until I was at work at looked at my calendar.  It’s one the Yorkshireman’s parents bought for me – English Cottages or something.  Nice photos, but even better that it reminds me about UK holidays.  (especially since Mother’s Day is not the same between the US and UK)

Anyway, when I saw the day I decided that this year we would celebrate properly and have pancakes for dinner! Why not!? 

Personally, I am not a big pancake eater.  But I think that’s because I find American pancakes too cakey and dry.  I have to smother them in butter and syrup to get them down.  Waffles make me dance with joy but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.  The Yorkshireman has made me pancakes (UK style) before, but I’ve never tried to make them myself.  The batter is so thin, it just confuses my brain. 

But this year, I vowed it would be different.  I was going to make these pancakes myself, from scratch!  So, I did a little research on recipes and finally found one that I KNEW would work.  My rock, my savior, Delia had a perfect recipe!  

I can always count on her to give me a recipe that A) I can follow B) turns out exactly as it should.  And these were no exception.  They were light, eggy and totally delicious!  I decided to go traditional and topped them with sprinklings of sugar and lemon.  Perfection!

I’m afraid I have no photo to show, as the Yorkshireman inhaled his before mine were even ready.  And then I was so eager to eat mine that I totally forgot to get a pic.  Trust me though, they looked just as scrumptious as Delia’s own!


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